I love the liturgical or church year. The journey we take together year after year, exploring the story of our salvation. Each season, with its different colours and focus, reveals something more of God’s love for us. 

The pilgrimage through the seasons teaches us different aspects of our life in Christ. Advent encourages to expect the coming of God’s Kingdom. At Christmas, we celebrate new life and the knowledge that God is with us. In Lent, we take time to reflect on our journeys, personal and corporately, with God in preparation for Easter. In Holy Week, we remember the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus –  the cornerstone of our salvation. In the Easter season, we rejoice in the new life we have in Christ. Pentecost brings the celebration of the gift of the Spirit and the birth of the church. Ordinary time (literally counted time, not un-special time) is full of festivals and saints days which bring something new to the pilgrimage of our faith.

The liturgical year begins on Advent Sunday. Just as in the calendar year any new beginning is a good time for a rethink and even resolutions – so this liturgical year I find myself wanting to reflect more on this wonderful pilgrimage and blogging about it! Why not join me in this journey and learn more together about how the traditions point us to how much God loves us.

Happy New Year!